About Anderson Island Community Fitness Center

At The Old Schoolhouse at Wide Awake Hollow

Learn how to build a stronger you.

Mission Statement : To provide an educational, friendly, and inviting experience to help those in our community to reach their fitness goals.

History : Anderson Island Community Fitness Center  (AICFC), established as a non-profit organization in June 2010 was founded to promote physical wellness for the Anderson Island community by providing an accessible and fully equipped exercise facility. As a non-profit corporation, the fitness center can continue to serve the community for many years to come.

AICFC is located in the historic Wide Awake Hollow one-room schoolhouse which is part of the Anderson Island Parks and Recreation District. The building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places was restored, thanks to a matching grant from Pierce County, in 2009. The building is located at one of the island parks which has a tennis court, basketball court, and playground on the property as well as walking trails adjacent to the fitness center.

Vision Statement : It is our objective to encourage increased community participation at the fitness center by offering community programs which include free Youth and Senior programs, as well as other programs and events. The fitness center strives to provide affordable and convenient accessibility to high quality cardiovascular, free weights, and weight resistance equipment. Qualified instructors and personal trainers are available to assist those who wish to participate in classes or train to attain personal fitness goals.

A Valued Resource : The need for a fitness center on Anderson Island is evident given its demographics and relatively isolated location. It is only accessible by a 20-minute ferry ride from Steilacoom or by boat. There is an estimated 1285 full-time residents on Anderson Island whose median age is 62 years. There is a small elementary school for children attending grades K-5 on the Island but youth in grades 6-12 must make a daily ferry commute off island to attend school. 

Other than AICFC, the closest fitness facilities are located on the mainland. Access to a community fitness facility is of value for those in any age group, but is especially important for both the elderly and the youth. With so many retired and aging people in the community, providing a physical fitness program open to all seniors is important to improve quality of life. Access to other fitness programs, even for the youth who live on Anderson Island, is cost prohibitive to many due to the ferry ride fees, time, transportation, and inconvenience. It takes approximately 1.5 hours dedicated to the travel process of waiting in the ferry line, loading the ferry and the ferry ride itself for each trip to the mainland. Going to a fitness center off island to exercise (3 days a week as recommended for maximal benefit) is timely and costly for most of the Anderson Island residents, therefore, it is imperative to provide a fitness facility on Anderson Island with quality equipment and fitness programs accessible to the Anderson Island community.

Along with providing equipment and fitness classes, AICFC also provides a variety of free fitness programs to include the elderly and youth of our community. With wheelchair access, free programs such as chair aerobics can give someone who is home bound an opportunity to get out, have some fun, and participate in physical activity. The fitness center also provides a free summer Youth Program for entering 6th - 12th grade. Since it can be a challenge for youth to participate in after-school sports and fitness programs, the Youth Program at the fitness center provides a place where youth can learn lifelong fitness habits while having fun. We will keep you posted about our upcoming events and fundraisers you may also want to participate in or contribute to.

Donations Welcome : Your tax deductible donation can be designated to help continue fund Free Community Youth and Senior Programs, and other programs and events OR can be applied towards the purchase of updated commercial grade fitness equipment, accessories and improvements that will benefit all residents to meet their fitness goals.  For those who wish to be Platinum Donors (donations of $1000 or more) your name will be displayed inside the fitness center. 

Meet Our Fitness Center Manager

Meet Deb Lal

  • Deb Lal joined us in April of this year as the new Fitness Center Manager. Deb retired and moved to Anderson Island in January 2017 after spending 20 years in the fitness business as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, fitness instructor and owner of Downtown Health & Fitness in Coos Bay, Oregon. She and her husband love living on Anderson Island and being a part of the community. It is her dream to continue to grow AICFC in a healthy direction. She hopes to get the opportunity to meet you soon.


Fitness Classes - Subject to Change

Monday - Wednesday - Friday :  From 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM - "Muscles & Motion" with Deb Lal

Tuesdays at 10:30 AM "Fun, Fit & Fab" with Deb Lal -HELD AT THE ARCHIVAL BUILDING

FUN, FIT & FAB.... FREE FITNESS CLASS OPEN FOR ALL SENIOR RESIDENTS.. Come and enjoy a FREE fitness class designed to keep seniors moving and active as they age. This class offers range of motion exercise, functional exercise, and core stability designed to improve senior citizens' health (flexibility balance, strength).  Join us for some FREE, FUN, FRIENDSHIP and FITNESS..

“The free seniors class has been such a wonderful gift for me! The senior class reinforces what I had learned while in physical therapy. Deb Lal, fitness center manager, is a very gentle teacher and does not push beyond your capability. She obviously is very experienced at what she does, and I feel good about myself when I leave the class.” Lauri M. 

2019 Membership Rates:

2019 Membership Monthly Rates (No Enrollment Fees):

Single: $37.77 including tax

Couple: $62.58 including tax

Low Income Rates Available

Day Guest Pass: $10.00 including tax

One Week Guest Pass: $21.58 including tax

Two Week Guest Pass:  $32.31 including tax

"Member" must be 18 years of age or older.

The Anderson Island Community Fitness Center is Open 24 Hours A Day. 

Board of Directors:

Chair: Wayne Wallace
Co-Chair: Liz Folk

Treasurer: Diana Haslund-Fotheringill

Marketing: Murray Stewart

Internet Marketing/Social Media: Nancy Riggs

Secretary: Betsy Donworth

Members at Large:

Krystie Wallace

Barbie Stockstad

Alternate: Liane Heckman